How do you efficiently kill bacteria (especially dangerous ones like MRSA) on porous items without getting them wet? That was the foundational question when we formed this company, and now we have the answer – The BLUEWAVE.  


Our goal is to revolutionize clinical hygiene by treating the things that are most difficult to treat – starting with patients’ orthotic and prosthetic devices. We want to empower and protect patients while improving the quality of life and safety of clinicians and staff. That’s why we designed the BLUEWAVE device - to destroy odors and kill MRSA* without the use of any water, detergents, or added chemicals.  

*Kills 99.99% MRSA on hard surface carriers and 2-ply polyester

BLUEWAVE Technologies Inc. started as a group of friends with one vision - to imagine, design, and build solutions to improve people’s safety and quality of life. The diversity of the founders and employees allows us to leverage a greater reservoir of ideas and perspectives to come up with effective and efficient solutions to complex problems. Our manufacturing team is powered mainly by a diverse female workforce, whose skill and collaboration are essential to our vision. The BLUEWAVE is proof of how well this strategy works. 

*Kills 99.99% MRSA on hard surface carriers and 2-ply polyester

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