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How It Works 

Our patented technology uses an ozone vacuum infusion process to rapidly break down odor molecules; after the selected treatment cycle is complete the ozone is replaced with fresh air. The BLUEWAVE can disinfect and deodorize within minutes: Shoe Inserts, Cranial Helmets, Prosthetic Liners, Diabetic Footwear, and More! 

The Safer Method


Standard Cycle

This is a rapid treatment cycle that removes bacteria and strong odors within 6 minutes!

Super Cycle

This Cycle exposes the item to ozone for an extended period for enhanced results. This deep treatment is designed to kill dangerous viruses on hard and soft surfaces.

Scent Cycle

After the disinfection and deodorization process is complete, you can infuse treated items with the Scent of your choice! Check out our latest Scent Selections: Orange, Clean Linen, and Mountain Fresh.


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