Onboarding Your Clinic

We provide you literature for patients to understand the benefits, costs, and overall process of the Service Plans. We provide you with a template Service Plan Agreement and liability waiver. You determine the price you charge for the plan, how long the Service Period lasts, and how many treatments you wish to provide with the plan. Please contact us for recommended pricing and durations. 


Onboarding A Patient

After a patient signs up for the Service Plan, you will provide them with a treatment bag. Each treatment bag must only be used for one patient to prevent cross-contamination. Each time the patient comes in for treatment, you will use their bag to treat their device. 


Treatment During The Service Period 

Depending on the Terms of the Service Plan Agreement, patients will either come in for regularly scheduled appointments or come in between appointments to use the BLUEWAVE.  



At the end of the service period, patients can renew the plan, be given a new bag, and continue the process. Some patients, for example cranial helmet patients, may automatically graduate out of the plan when their therapy is finished.