Ozone generated by the BLUEWAVE is contained within the device during treatment and filtered out at the end of the process, so it is safe to use anywhere in your clinic. 

To enhance the speed and efficacy of the treatment process, the BLUEWAVE uses vacuum infusion to deliver high concentrations of ozone, deep into the pores of items. 

The control volume is a unique feature that allows the BLUEWAVE to quickly increase the ozone concentration while limiting its volume to the amount necessary to treat the item. 

1. Reduction - The treatment bag reduces to the size of the item being treated. 

2. Infusion- The BLUEWAVE  then vacuums air out of the devices pores.

3. Repetition- The BLUEWAVE continuously contracts and expands the item to allow increasing concentrations of ozone to sink deeper into the pores. Think of squeezing and relaxing a sponge. 

4. Filtration- After the cleaning cycles, the filter cartridge removes the excess ozone from the treatment bag, and infuses it with fresh air. Optionally, you can select the Scent button to finish the treatment with an infusion of scented air. 


Ozone is a molecule comprised of three oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone attacks odor molecules and bacteria* cell walls through oxidation. Unlike many chemical disinfectants, ozone doesn’t leave a chemical residue behind. When ozone reacts, it loses an oxygen atom and reverts back to the oxygen that is found in air (O2).  The EPA sets maximum safe ozone exposure levels to .070 ppm for 8 hours exposure ( The BLUEWAVE is a closed loop system that uses our filter to convert excess ozone back to oxygen at the end of the treatment cycle. We have tested the output at the filter and in the treatment bag after treatment and we are well below the EPA and OSHA limits. Here is a link to our study. Click Here.

*Kills 99.99% MRSA on hard surface carriers and 2-ply polyester