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Doctor and Patient

“We deal a lot with wound care as well as prosthetics in my practice, so odor is always a dilemma and a complaint for patients. Between crow boots, foot orthoses, foot plates of AFO‘s, prosthetic liner‘s, and more people are always commenting about the odor and all we could really do was clean it by hand or recommend ways to mask the smell.  

Since using the BLUEWAVE, we’ve been able to make even some of the more odorous patients items look and feel like they are brand new. Also by making things smell better patients are not self-conscious and they are more inclined to improve their compliance and not feel like they dislike the orthosis because it smells. Prosthetic patients always comment about the smell of liners or their prosthesis so it’s great to be able to freshen everything and make them feel better and less self-conscious.  

I believe that I was most shocked by the ease of use. It’s like the infomercial “set it and forget it” so were able to work on things while it’s doing the deodorizing.  It works quickly so patients are not being left for an extensive period of time. The BLUEWAVE is extremely easy to utilize which is fantastic in our hectic world as practitioners.  

Patients have been very pleased with their experience especially since they just thought they were stuck with dealing with the smells. They feel like it brought there orthosis support prosthesis back to life as if it were brand new.  

I would recommend the BLUEWAVE to other clinics particularly if they deal with wound care, pediatric helmets, or prosthetic liners.  Not only are we treating the limb in its current state but we also are caring for skin integrity and preventing further issues so a clean environment is critical.” 

- Brittany Stresing, CPO, FAAOP – Limbionics 

"Our clinic has a large pediatric clinic that involves cranial therapy. One major complaint from families is the odor of the helmet liner from the child wearing the helmet 23 hours per day. Even with regular washing the odor does not disappear.  


A big part of the technicians’ role is in the maintenance and repair of these devices for our clients. Orthotic devices are used for activities of daily living, much like an article of clothing on the human body. Inevitably, they collect dust, dirt and other particles related to sweat and skin, making them prone to odor-causing bacteria and microbes.

In all scenarios there has been a significant improvement noticeable by both the technicians and the client. The treatment does not adversely affect the flow of the clinical appointment or timing of the appointments and we have happier staff and happier clients." 

- Dawn MacArthur-Turner, MSc, CO – Custom Orthotics of London, Ontario 

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for our BLUEWAVE. From our pediatric helmets to our adult marathon runners, our patients are so pleased with the value this device brings to their appointments with us. Our patients love that the odors from their orthoses have been removed and not just temporarily masked only to come back after their next run.  

Full disclosure, I’ve even used our BlueWave on my own temporary cast when I couldn’t find a solution for the odor.  I cleaned my cast every day as instructed and couldn’t keep the odor under control.  After one super cycle in the BlueWave the odor was gone.  I ran a second cycle on my cast the following week and over a month later the odor still hasn’t returned!   


The BLUEWAVE has been a game changer in our office and helps us provide the best care for our patients. We absolutely LOVE our BLUEWAVE!” 

- Lauren Cavitt – Pinnacle Prosthetics and Orthotics 


Doctor and Patient

"It's like a miracle!" 

- Parent of P

“Since we have been in this program for our daughter the helmet has been amazing. With the [BLUEWAVE] it has made the process easier. The very first time they cleaned the helmet it worked amazing. Before cleaning it the helmet definitely had an odor of 8-9, then the helmet got cleaned and it went to a 1 - a complete 0. It smelt like fresh air. Each time the helmet got cleaned the freshness lasted longer. I would 100% recommend 'the [BLUEWAVE].”   

- Parent of K

“I really like having the option to clean my son's helmet every visit. During hot and humid weather, my basic cleaning at home never seems to get rid of the sweat odor. With all honesty, I look forward to every appointment to benefit from the odorless fresh helmet.” 

- Parent of A

”Hi guys! We are all doing well and [our son’s] head is beautiful! We loved the option to clean his helmet. It made a huge difference in the smell and I can imagine if we had to go through a hot summer we would have loved the cleaning even more. I have to say the smell was the worst part of the helmet, so anything to help reduce that is wonderful.” 

- Parent of C

“I thought this was going to be smelly journey. But then we went for the next adjustment and helmet was cleaned. It was amazing smelling like brand new. It lasted a long time, 2-3 weeks in between our appointments. Amazing service offered. Made our helmet therapy more enjoyable!” 

- Parent of D

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