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Healthcare Innovation

The BLUEWAVE uses high concentrations of activated oxygen to attack bacteria and viruses. This liquid and chemical- free process  allows patients to don their refreshed devices immediately after treatment! By engineering safer disinfection and deodorization methods we can revolutionize clinical hygiene and improved patient care.

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Our team

BLUEWAVE Technologies, Inc. started as a group of friends with one vision - to imagine, design, and build solutions to improve people’s safety and quality of life. The diversity of the founders and employees allows us to leverage a greater reservoir of ideas and perspectives to come up with effective and efficient solutions to complex problems. Our manufacturing team is powered mainly by a diverse female workforce, whose skill and collaboration are essential to our vision. The BLUEWAVE is proof of how well this strategy works. 

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Did you know...

Our manufacturing team is lead and powered by a female workforce?

Hi, I'm Justin!

President, Co-Founder

Department: Investor Relations and Sales

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