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Experience the

The Safer Choice

Our unique closed-looped system ensures the generated activated oxygen is contained within the BLUEWAVE during treatment and is deactivated after treatment – making it safe to use anywhere.

Zero Dry Time

Our 100% liquid-free device uses activated oxygen to remove strong odors in minutes. Zero irritants. Zero residue. Zero anxiety.

Improve Hygiene

In third party testing the BLUEWAVE killed >99.9999% of MRSA, SARS-CoV-2, and other pathogens in under 30 minutes!

Engineering More Effective and Efficient Solutions 

Did you know that 41% of prosthetic users will develop an infection in their residual limb?*  So how do you disinfect prosthetic liners? How do you get rid of the odor on cranial helmets? How do you kill bacteria on diabetic shoes and offloading boots? The answer is the BLUEWAVE. 

The BLUEWAVE uses high concentrations of activated oxygen to attack bacteria and viruses. Our patented technology uses a unique vacuum infusion process to breakdown odor molecules and the bacteria that produce them. Users place their item into a treatment bag. When the selected cycle is complete, the activated oxygen is filtered out and replaced with fresh air. The patient can don their refreshed device immediately! 


Watch How Our
Advanced Technology Works

How it works
How it work
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Keep it Safe

Our advanced closed-looped system ensures the generated activated oxygen is contained within the BLUEWAVE. The filter cartridge de-activates the oxygen making it safe to use anywhere. This dry vacuum infusion process allows users to wear their devices immediately  after treatment.

Keep it Fresh

Our unique infusion process allows the activated oxygen to seek out pathogens and odor molecules in all the nooks and crannies on your patients’ devices. Your staff will deal with less odor and bacteria, and your patients get to leave your office with a refreshed device.   Infuse treated items with the scent of your choice to enhance your BLUEWAVE experience. Check out our latest scent selections: Clean Linen, Mountain Fresh, and more.

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One Device to Treat them All

BLUEWAVE treatment kits custom made for every need:

Prosthetic Sockets & Liners


Cranial Helmets

Diabetic Footwear & Shoe Inserts

Wrist & Knee Braces

Offloading Boots & Wound Care Devices

Treatmet Kits

Cranial Helmets       Prosthetic  Liners     Ankle Foot Orthoses     

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Cranial Helmet
Treatment Kits

The simple way to keep Cranial Helmets smelling Fresh.

cranial in bag.jpg

Cranial Treatment Kit

16 x 24 Side Port
Treatment Bag

14" Halo Insert

What our clients say

Lauren Cavitt
Pinnacle Orthotics & Prosthetics
I cleaned my cast every day as instructed and couldn’t keep the odor under control.  After one super cycle in the BLUEWAVE the odor was gone!
In all scenarios there has been a significant improvement noticeable by both the technicians and the client.
Dawn MacArthur Turner
Custom Orthotics of London, Inc.

you can trust.

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